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STONEWALL DEMOCRATS are LGBTQIA2S+ Democratic groups across the US that: 

*work to elect pro-LGBTQIA2S+ Democrats in federal, state, and local elections, 

*serve as a bullhorn for LGBTQIA2S+ governmental issues, and 

*supply LGBTQIA2S+ voters to ballot boxes. 

While there is no national organization, Texas is home of the statewide Texas Stonewall Democratic Caucus and several local Stonewall clubs:

Stonewall Democrats of Austin

Bastrop County Stonewall Democrats

Chisholm Trail Stonewall Democrats 

(Bosque, Ellis, Erath, Hill, Hood, Johnson, Parker and Somervell Counties)

Stonewall Democrats of Dallas PAC

Houston Stonewall Young Democrats PAC

Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio

Tarrant County Stonewall Democrats

And Collin County Stonewall Democrats!

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